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Follow-Me Robotic Cart

Robotic transportation that can be used in both indoor and outdoor environment

A Follow-Me Robotic Cart capable of transporting heavy goods

Thouzer was developed in response to work sites that have difficulty in handling transportation of goods with existing transportation equipment.
With Thouzer's excellent "Follow-Me Technology" and mobility, it can increase productivity and competitiveness of such businesses with the following requirements:

Improvement in work efficiency for businesses that require full-time transport workers to perform transportation of goods
Increase in productivity without changing current work processes and equipment on-site
Requires capability of transporting between buildings, indoors and outdoors, narrow passages, slopes and bumps
Flexibility of making effective capital investment by implementing a small scale introduction and expanding as required
Adaptable to frequent layout changes on-site

To address these requirements,

Follow-Me Robotic Cart

Thouzer is capable of 2 functionalities, "Follow-Me" and "Line-Trace", which can be used interchangeably in your site

Follow-Me Feature

Thouzer is able to:

 ● follow a person, another Thouzer or any moving vehicle loaded or unloaded.
 ● travel through a straight path which is only 80cm wide.
 ● travel smoothly even on a right-angled road with a width of 100cm.


 Doog Navigation Engine does complex route calculations, which make it possible to adjust the position where Thouzer travels depending on the passage width. It does that by evaluating the route under a number of passage width conditions and selecting the appropriate route from the results.

Automatic Line-Trace Feature

Thouzer is able to:

 ● Automatically travel along a line that can be easily laid and removed.
 ● Stop and sound an alarm when an obstacle is detected.
 ● Travel between buildings, indoors and outdoors


 Thouzer detects the retroreflective material with the laser sensor from a distance and automatically moves along the retroreflective line. If there are obstacles in it's path, it will sound an alarm and stop until the obstacle is cleared.

Thouzer has 3 practicalities to meet your needs

Easy introduction

 ● Easy to introduce to your operating location, and easy to change the location as needed
 ● Easy to operate with just a button tap
   (Operator's training can be done in a short amount of time)
 ● Automatic Line-Trace's route can be changed easily
 ● Customisable loading platform to fit your needs

Compatible with various environments

 ● Able to be used in both daylight and night time conditions as Thouzer utilizes a laser sensor.
 ● Able to move over up to 3cm curb.
 ● Able to move up to 9 degree slope.
 ● Able to be used in light rain conditions.
 ● Able to operate seemlessly indoor and outdoor. As such, transporting between buildings is possible.
 ● Able to cater for partial automation of existing processes.


 ● Able to detect and avoid obstacles with its wide-field laser sensor
 ● Fault detection of installed electrical components

Max Payload 120kg
Max Travel Distance per Full Charge 20km
Max Gradient 9 degree
Max Step 3cm
Max Speed 7.5km/h
Min Turning Radius 0.72m
Base Dimensions W 600mm × L 940mm
Platform Dimensions W 600mm × L 750mm × H 455mm (Expandable)
Detection Range Max 10m, Class 1 Safety, Height 300mm
Battery and Charging Lead Acid, 24V, 34Ah, full charge 9 hours
Fault Detection Motor, electromagnetic brake, sensor, control unit
・Do not guide the robot too close to overhanging objects as it is unable to detect obstacles more than 30cm above ground
・Do not guide the robot too close to steps as it is unable to detect a drop in the ground
・Do not guide the robot too close to transparent objects, mirrors or shiny objects as the robot may not detect them
・Secure a load properly with a rope etc.
・Any accidents that happens during "Follow-Me" mode will be the responsibility of the operator
・Ensure that operators have sufficient knowledge about the product and ensure safety around the work site when guiding the robot